StatJunkie's up to date CAA basketball projections, as of March 16, 2014

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Team Wins Losses StatJunkie Prediction - Chance of Receiving At Large Bid Automatic Bid At Large Bid
Delaware 25 9 1.13% X  
Towson 21 10 0.00%
William & Mary 19 12 0.00%
Drexel 16 14 0.00%
Northeastern 11 21 0.00%
James Madison 11 20 0.00%
Coll of Charlesto 13 18 0.00%
Hofstra 10 23 0.00%
NC Wilmington 7 23 0.00%


Be sure to check back often, as we will be updating our CAA college basketball predictions for March Madness throughout the 2013-2014 NCAA season. As a reminder, these projections can fluctuate based on how the teams listed perform through the rest of the season. If today was Selection Sunday, these numbers respresent our calculation of the team's chance of making the NCAA Basketball tournament.  A team can raise or lower their percentage based on the outcome of games later in the season.

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